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Tenterden kent

Window Cleaning Services

 Family-based window cleaning company in Tenderten, providing friendly and reliable cleaning services.


Stage One

You sign up for window cleaning based on 4 or 6 weekly cleans

Stage Two 

You will always get a message the night before we come and clean as standard. 

Stage Three

We will come to your home, and clean all Windows, Frames, Sills and any extras you request. 

Stage Four

You will get a invoice via text message or email for payment online and then around we go....

So Hows It Work?

It's That Simple!


Large or small we clean all sorts of residential homes, using our fantastic pure water system. 


Professional and we always book as we know you're as busy as we are.

Extra Services

We cover more than just window cleaning find out in our services tab.





mjs 2.png

Our aim is to make it simple and stress free for you. With a dedicated team and a can-do attitude we can get the results you're after. some key points about us....

- We know reliability matters!

- Quality is key with the most up to date equipment. 

- Family run business started within villages and moved to towns.. 

- Using both traditional and Pure water methods for the best results. 

- We can get them awkward and high windows most cant.

- We have many other services

We look forward to hearing from you. 

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